Make Volume faster when using Docker with vscode.


Every time I clone a file with Docker and start it, it takes a long time to reopen in container. I wanted to do something about it, and when I was looking for it, I googled "Docker Mac Volume Slow" and found various things, so I solved it by referring to the article that appeared there.


$ gem install docker-sync

After that, create a docker-sync.yml file.

version: '2'

    sync_strategy: rsync
    notify_terminal: true
    sync_host_ip: 'auto'
    sync_host_port: 10872
    sync_excludes: [ '.git', '.idea', 'vendor', 'docker', '*.yml' ]
    sync_args: '-v'
    src: ./
    sync_userid: '33'

Now when I run the reopen container again with vscode, the speed has improved considerably.

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