[JAVA] [Spring] [MyBatis] Use IN () with SQL Builder



Suppose you have the following table "shops"

shop_cd name
0001 Main store
0002 Dictionary store
0003 Bunko store
0004 Picture book store

I want a list of stores by specifying WHERE shop_cd IN (0001, 0002).

Class that holds data

public class Shop {
  private String shopCd;
  private String name;


public interface ShopMapper {
   *Receives a list of store codes and returns a list of stores
  @SelectProvider(type = SqlProvider.class, method = "selectByShopCodes")
  List<Shop> selectByShopCodes(List<String> shopCodes);

  class SqlProvider {
    public String selectByShopCodes(List<String> shopCodes) {
      final String inParams = getInPhraseParamString(shopCodes, "shopCodes");
      SQL sql = new SQL() {
          WHERE(String.format("shops.shop_cd IN (%s)", inParams));
          ORDER_BY("shop_cd ASC");
      return sql.toString();

     *Receive the list and IN()Returns the parameter string used in the clause
     *Example: #{shopCodes[0]}, #{shopCodes[1]}, #{shopCodes[2]}
    private String getInPhraseParamString(List<String> values, String paramName) {
      String paramString = "";
      int i = 0;
      for (String value : values) {
        if (i != 0) {
          paramString += ",";
        paramString += String.format("#{%s[%s]}", paramName ,i);
      return paramString;


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