[JAVA] What is Gradle's Artifact?

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What is Artifact?

This is to allow the project to be uniquely referenced. I think it's often the name of a project or library.

Java library management is done by domain name and Artifact, and the file name is a concatenation of each. Therefore, if you want to distribute a library called foo-library from a company that owns a domain called example.com

└── example
    └── foo-library

It becomes the form. Also, in the Gradle configuration file build.gradle, the domain part

group = 'com.example'

Is described.

Then what is Name?

Gradle allows you to combine multiple projects into a single project file. The alias used at that time. So, in a single project, I think it's the same as Artifact.


About Artifact

Artifact A file or directory produced by a build, such as a JAR, a ZIP distribution, or a native executable.

Artifacts are typically designed to be used or consumed by users or other projects, or deployed to hosting systems. In such cases, the artifact is a single file. Directories are common in the case of inter-project dependencies to avoid the cost of producing the publishable artifact. https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/dependency_management_terminology.html#sub:terminology_artifact

How to put together multiple projects

-Basics of multi-project with Gradle | Makumaku Gradle Note -Multi-project with Gradle-Qiita

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