[JAVA] [Spring] [MyBatis] Use GROUP BY in SQL Builder



Suppose you have the following table "shops"

shop_cd prefecture
0001 Kanagawa Prefecture
0002 Kanagawa Prefecture
0002 Kanagawa Prefecture
0003 Kanagawa Prefecture
0003 Kanagawa Prefecture
0004 Tokyo

I want a unique list of store codes that specify "Kanagawa Prefecture".

public interface ShopMapper {
   *Get a list of store codes by specifying a prefecture.
   * @return List<Map<String, String>>
   *Map per result
   *     - prefecture:Specified prefecture name (Japanese)
   *     - shopCd:site code
  @SelectProvider(type = SqlProvider.class, method = "getShopCodesByPrefecture")
  @Results(id = "ShopCodesByPrefecture", value = {
          @Result(column = "shop_cd", property = "shopCd"),
          @Result(column = "prefecture", property = "prefecture"),
  List<Map<String, String>> getShopCodesByPrefecture(String brandCd, String prefecture);

  class SqlProvider {
    public String getShopCodesByPrefecture(String prefecture) {
      SQL sql = new SQL() {
          SELECT("shop_cd", "prefecture");
          WHERE("shops.prefecture = #{prefecture}");
          ORDER_BY("shop_cd ASC");
      return sql.toString();

I specified @Results and @Result so that the search results can be obtained on the Map.

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