[RUBY] If you want to recreate the instance in cloud9

I will write an article for the first time. This is my own note

I made a mistake in setting cloud9. The storage capacity of EC2 has been overwhelmed by the free frame. I don't understand anything else and want to start from the beginning again. In that case

It is assumed that you are pushing to github. Clone that push to cloud9.

Create a new instance on loud9. I followed the rails tutorial for the settings at the time of creation.

Check if git is included (it was already included in my environment).

Next, I will give the newly created instance the information of my github.

git config --global user.name USER_NAME

git config --global user.email EMAIL_ADDRESS

Assign your user name and email address to USER_NAME and EMAIL_ADDRESS. In the case of I,

git config --global user.name irojiroserika

It will be.

There is no particular response, but it's okay. If you make a mistake in your user name here, you can enter it again.

Then find the URL of the commit you want to clone. See image (Click on the green part to see it.)


Finally git clone that URL

And the clone itself is finished. please confirm the file.

However, rails server does not start even if I try to start development from here, so run bundle install.

Attention here I hijacked the rails tutorial and rewrote the Gemfile, so the db used for development and the db used for production are different. in this case

bundle install --without production

If you don't run it, you will get an error that the production gem cannot be installed during bundle install, and as a result, the rails server will not start.

So bundle install When bundle install --without production Also run.

Oh yeah

Rails server will not start even if yarn is not included, so please install yarn. At this time

Your Yarn packages are out of date! Please run yarn install --check-files to update.

I think that the message will be returned, but if yarn is not included in the first place yarn install --check-files Can't be executed in the first place,

source <(curl -sL https://cdn.learnenough.com/yarn_install) (Cloud9 environment)

Please execute.

This will launch the rails server.

This is really the last.

If you execute rails db: migrate, you will be able to see the cloned application without any error.

It's for myself, but I hope it helps.

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