[JAVA] How to set Lombok in Eclipse

--Environment --Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1909 - java 11 - Eclipse Version: 2020-03 (4.15.0)

Advance preparation

  1. Close Eclipse if it is open
  2. Download the jar file from projectlombok.org --This time I downloaded lombok-1.18.10.jar

Set in eclipse

Run the jar to open the dialog

Run the jar with $ java -jar /path/to/lombok-1.18.10.jar to open the dialog Double-click the jar file to open it

Install Lombok

Check [IDEs] image.png

When the Eclipse to use is displayed

Check it and click the [Install / Update] button to install

If you don't see the Eclipse you want to use

Sometimes a message dialog is displayed and Eclipse is not recognized image.png Specify the Eclipse installation directory from the [Specify location ...] button

Close dialog

  1. Close the dialog with the [Quit Installer] button
  2. The following is added to eclipse.ini



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