[RUBY] Login function

    1. Install Gem and restart the server Add the following code to the Gemfile The place to add is gem'devise' on the last line of Gemfile Then bundle install in the terminal Let's restart the local server rails s
  1. Let's create a devise configuration file using commands To use devise, create a configuration file using devise-specific commands in addition to installing Gem.

Rails g devise: install in terminal

config/initializers/devise.rb config / locales / devise.en.yml is created.

    1. Let's create a Users model using commands When using devise, create a new User model for creating an account. Create a User model with devise's model creation command instead of the usual model creation method

Rails g devise user in the terminal

app/models/user.rb  db/migrate/20XXXXXXXXXXXX_devise_create_users.rb  test/fixtures/users.yml test / models / user_test.rb is created devise_for: users is automatically added to routes.rb

Execute the migration file created by the rails g devise user command earlier Rails db: migrate in terminal This will create the users table The routing has changed, so restart the server  rails s

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