Introduction to monitoring from Java Touching Prometheus

What is Prometheus?

Pull type monitoring system. OSS. A system that can monitor memory and CPU usage.

What is a pull-type monitoring system?

Normal surveillance systems (Meckerel, Sensu, etc.) Install an agent on the monitoring side and send information to the monitoring server.

On the contrary, the Pull type acquires information from the side monitored by the monitoring server.

merit and demerit

Push type

[merit] ・ Easy to install the app on the monitoring target -There are few changes in server settings even if the number of monitoring targets increases.

[Demerit] -When the amount of monitoring increases, the load on the monitoring server increases.

Pull type

[merit] ・ It is easier to see that the monitoring target is down than the Push type. -The load on the monitoring server is lower than Push

[Demerit] -You have to set the endpoint to be monitored. It's not just a simple installation. ・ When the number of monitoring targets increases, it is necessary to set each time.

This goal

In Spring application, link data to Promethus, Display nicely with Grafana.



Create Promethus endpoint in Spring

Added Spring Actuator from Spring Initializr []. Spring Actuator will be able to check Spring dumps and health checks.


Set Micrometer Registry Prometheus as a dependency. [ ]

Maven Repository:.png

Open the endpoint from the property file.

#Full open

Start the application and confirm that the endpoint is created.


Prometheus settings

Can be set with the following YML


  #Frequency of target acquisition
  scrape_interval:     10s
  evaluation_interval: 10s

#Monitoring target settings
  #Spring Boot App Exporter monitoring settings
  - job_name: 'springboot'
    metrics_path: '/actuator/prometheus'
      - targets: ['web:8080']
          group: 'docker-springboot'

Launch Prometheus / Grafana / App

Start with Docker Compose.


version: '3.1'

    build: app/
      - "8080:8080"

    build: prometheus/
      - "9090:9090"
      - "web"

    image: grafana/grafana
      - "3000:3000"
Check Prometheus

▼ Screen to confirm the monitoring target


▼ Graph confirmation screen


However, the UI of the graph is not good enough. So look at Grafana.

Check Grafana

URL: http://localhost:3000 ID: admin (initial) PASS: admin (initial)

▼ Select a data source


Set the URL as below


▼ Dashboard creation

Select Add Query


After that, set it to your liking

New dashboard.png

Other digressions

・ Promethuns endpoint classes set in Spring can be inherited and customized independently.

・ Notification settings may be difficult for Promethuns and Grafana

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