[JAVA] Switch from Eclipse to VS Code


Until now, when I was studying at home, I used to build a Java development environment in Eclipse, but now I want to use the popular VS Code. I've used it at work, but I wanted to change the environment at home, so I tried it.

Install Git

Excuse me, super rudimentary. I didn't put Git in the local development environment using GitHub. Install from here. SnapCrab_Git - Google Chrome_2019-1-19_22-4-10_No-00.png This is Download for x.xx for Windows.

SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-9-50_No-00.png

Continue to the next. SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-12-39_No-00.png I chose VS Code here. SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-14-9_No-00.png This is the default. SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-15-41_No-00.png It was off here. SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-16-37_No-00.png

SnapCrab_Git 2201 Setup_2019-1-19_22-25-46_No-00.png OK.

First, install VS Code

Download from here. Note: Windows 64bit version. I will omit the details.

Link setting from VS Code to GitHub

You can open the folder path used in Eclipse (GitHub linkage set up) with VS Code. SnapCrab_ApiSpeciesDumperjava - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_22-32-3_No-00.png Hmm, I'm telling you to put in a Java Extension Pack, so I'll put it in. SnapCrab_[Preview] v050md - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_22-34-57_No-00.png Now put in the JDK. Follow. SnapCrab_● settingsjson - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_22-56-53_No-00.png Java.home settings are also OK. I'm not particularly bad at English, but I will translate it into Japanese. .. SnapCrab_Extension Japanese Language Pack for Visual Studio Code - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-0-11_No-00.png Since there is also the Java setting earlier, reboot once here. SnapCrab_ApiSpeciesDumperjava - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-22-32_No-00.png OK.

When you open the source control view, SnapCrab_ApiSpeciesDumperjava - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-23-18_No-00.png It was supposed to be amazing. SnapCrab_NoName_2019-1-19_23-34-48_No-00.png

When I try to update, I have to log in. SnapCrab_settingsjson - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-45-2_No-00.png I was able to log in. Or rather, I added it because the escape was missing in the path specification of java.home. Include the class files in gitignore and try modifying the source. SnapCrab_sqlIdMatcherjava (Working Tree) - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-50-12_No-00.png

Staging ... SnapCrab_sqlIdMatcherjava (Working Tree) - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-51-16_No-00.png Commit with a comment (quick and uncapped) SnapCrab_sqlIdMatcherjava (Index) - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-54-35_No-00.png Sync changes! !! SnapCrab_sqlIdMatcherjava (Index) - git - Visual Studio Code_2019-1-19_23-55-25_No-00.png

SnapCrab_rptrryoprivateTiger a trial product - Google Chrome_2019-1-19_23-56-59_No-00.png It was reflected properly.

at the end

I haven't tried debugging execution yet, so I will write it again. It's a lot of fun to hit something you don't know and solve it.

I hope it helps someone.

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