[Easy] How to upgrade Ruby and bundler


The versions of ruby and bundler are old, and I had a lot of trouble with errors when deploying, so I will write it down as a memorandum. ..

Ruby version upgrade

  1. This time, it is assumed that there is no Ruby 2.6.3.

  2. Install the latest version.

$ brew upgrade ruby-build
  1. Display and confirm the installable version list.
Available versions:
  1. Install rbenv.
$ rbenv install 2.6.3
  1. Set to use the installed version. Execute the following command, and if it is set to 2.6.3., You do not need to do anything.
$ rbenv versions
* 2.6.3 (set by /Users/user_name/hoge/.ruby-version)
 $ rbenv global 2.6.3
$ rbenv local 2.6.3
  1. Install bundler.
$ gem install bundler
  1. Update the Ruby version to the latest stable version 2.6.3.
$ bundle install --path=vendor/bundle

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