[Java] It seems that `0 <hoge <10` cannot be written in the conditional expression of the ʻif` statement.

You can use 0 <hoge && hoge <10 ... This article deals with java in mind, I don't know anything else

What is it? What are you saying?

It's hard to explain, Certain condition: When you want to specify a number x that exceeds __0 and is less than 10 __ ~~ There is, right? I sympathize with you! ~~

If you write 0 <x <10 mathematically, you can convey what you want to say, right? However, if you write this in java as it is, it will be erratic.

Example ↓


Even if it is troublesome, let's write 0 <score && score <60, ** variable twice **


if (0 < x , x < 10) {

But it's no good, so give up and write &&

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