Gats by new with yarn (Docker)

In the Docker environment (I haven't checked other environments), when you do gatsby new orgatsby new ~, ** npm installation ** will be done without any questions.

Here's how to use yarn to gats by new!

Development environment

Confirmation of directory structure after completion

    |- .config
        |- gatsby
            |- config.json
    |-Generated gatsby files
        |- ...
    |- docker-compose.yml
    |- Dockerfile

Prepare in advance other than the generated gatsby files described above.

Create config.json

This is the way to use yarn. ↓ See here for details ↓ Using Yarn as your Gatsby package manager

Create config.json according to the previous configuration, and write the following with reference to the official document.


	"cli": {
		"packageManager": "yarn"

Docker system settings

The configuration is as follows to connect the settings of config.json with the settings in the container.


FROM node:12.17.0

RUN mkdir project-name
WORKDIR /project-name
COPY .config /root/.config/

RUN yarn global add gatsby-cli

Then it becomes the docker-compose file


version: '3.8'
    build: ./
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
      - ./:/project-name
      - NODE_ENV=development
      - 8000:8000
      - 9000:9000


Create an image, start the container, and go inside the container.

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker-compose exec gatsby bash

Let's go see if the file exists in the container once!

$ cat /root/.config/gatsby/config.json

If you have the config.json you created earlier, you're successful!

Then try gats by new ~!

$gatsby new Folder name of the generated gatsby files

** It should have been created by yarn! !! ** **

at the end

I've been searching for various articles and looking for a way to create them with just yarn, and I found one, so I shared it!

Note that the config.json file contains values ​​that I didn't understand well, so it may be better to ignore the main body when pushing and create config.example.json etc. Hmm.

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