[RUBY] How to link images using FactoryBot Active Storage

What is Factory Bot?

RSpec is a feature for streamlining testing. Set the value in advance and generate an instance according to it.

Let's link images with Active Storage


FactoryBot.define do
  factory :post do
    #{ }The value of is referenced and saved.
    text {"Is the text"}

    #after method. After building the Post instance, attach an image.
    after(:build) do |post|
      post.image.attach(io: File.open('spec/fixtures/test_image.png'), filename: 'test_image.png', content_type: 'image/png')


Describe to attach an image to the image column of the Post instance. If you don't attach the image via HTTP request

io: File.open ('Specify image file location'), filename:'File name', content_type:'File type (image or text) / extension

It is described as.

that's all!

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