[JAVA] Use Corretto 11 on Heroku

buildpack settings

$ heroku buildpacks:set jdk/corretto -a [App name]
$ heroku buildpacks:add heroku/java -a [App name]

Add environment variables

-Corretto 11 download location and checksum for jkutner / corretto-buildpack latest / corretto-11-ug / downloads-list.html) is specified by the environment variable --Corretto 8 defaults when no environment variable is specified

$ heroku config:set \
  CORRETTO_URL=https://d3pxv6yz143wms.cloudfront.net/ \
  CORRETTO_CHECKSUM=4bbcd5e6d721fef56e46b3bfa8631c1c \
  -a [App name]


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