[JAVA] Configure a multi-project with subdirectories in Gradle


This is a way to build a Gradle multi-project when you have a hierarchical structure with subdirectories. I referred to the article below. https://qiita.com/shiena/items/371fe817c8fb6be2bb1e


Code sample

I have uploaded the sample code to Github. https://github.com/tYoshiyuki/java-gradle-multiproject

Configuration example

The following configuration is assumed.

Project name Description
master Root project
common/main-lib Common library part 1
common/sub-lib Common library part 2
app/api Individual application sample
app/web Individual application sample
app/batch Individual application sample

Setting method

Set the Gradle settings for the entire project in the root folder. In includeFlat, specify the common and app folders in the same hierarchy. After that, specify the project of the subdirectory with include.


rootProject.name = 'root'
includeFlat 'common', 'app'
include 'common:main-lib', 'common:sub-lib'
include 'app:web', 'app:api', 'app:batch'

Browse the common library from the project of each application.


project('app:web') {
    dependencies {
        implementation project(':common:main-lib')
        implementation project(':common:sub-lib')

If you import it as a Gradle project from IntelliJ IDEA, you can see that each project is recognized.


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