Understand Docker

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September 2, 2020 I will summarize Docker, which is a container virtualization technology.

What is Docker

Docker is one of the technologies called container-type virtualization. Server virtualization allows you to create and lend multiple virtual servers, which are virtual servers, on top of a physical server, and this virtual server behaves like a real server. Container-type virtualization provides a user space on the OS where resources for virtual users to execute applications, called containers, are provided. Normally, there is one user space on one OS, but container-type virtualization can provide multiple containers that are virtual user spaces on one OS.

Good point

Docker can instantly launch or delete a preset environment on any machine. In other words, ready to use </ font> is a big advantage. It has the property of being idempotent, which means that the result does not change no matter how many times it is executed, so the same development environment will start up no matter how many times it is started up.


What's the difference between the hottest "Docker container" and traditional virtualization?

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