Use cpplapack on ubuntu

For my memorandum

About CPPLA PACK BLAS, LAPACK, and PARDISO C ++ class wrappers. Matrix, vector calculation, singular value decomposition, solution of simultaneous equations, etc. can be described very simply.


Basically It can be introduced if you proceed according to.

Install lapack and gfortran.

sudo apt install libatlas3-base libatlas-base-dev
sudo apt install gfortran

In cpplapack, make and makedepend are used to build the code, so install the following as well.

sudo apt install build-essential xutils-dev

For the main body of cpplapack, check out to ~ / local / using Subversion.

cd ~
mkdir local
cd local
svn checkout cpplapack

The preparation is now complete.

Operation check

Check the operation of cpplapack. Create the following code.

#include "cpplapack.h"

int main(){
  CPPL::dgematrix A(2, 3);
  A(0, 0) = 1; A(0, 1) = 2; A(0, 2) = 3;
  A(1, 0) = 4; A(1, 1) = 5; A(1, 2) = 6;
  std::cout << A;
  return 0;

It can be easily built by using the Makefile included in the cpplapack itself.

cp ~/local/cpplapack/makefiles/Makefile ./

If it is displayed as below, it is OK.

 1 2 3
 4 5 6

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