Java Summary of frequently searched type conversions

Summary of type conversions I often search for

Type conversion between numeric types

int type → double type

int num = 3;
double number = (double)num;

Double type → int type

double num = 3;
int number = (int)num;

Numeric types (such as long) can be converted by adding ** (type to be converted) ** before the variable to be converted.

Type conversion from numeric type to character type

int type → String type

int num = 3;
String number = Integer.toString(num);

Double type → String type

double num = 3.0;
String number = Double.toString(num);

Type conversion from character type to numeric type

String type → int type

String text = "123";
int number = Integer.parseInt(text);

String type → double type

String text = "123";
int number = Double.parseDouble(text);

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Types and type conversion methods other than the above. [Java] Convert String type to int type

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