The story received by Java SE11 silver


Local civil servant (not suitable) → Change job to SES → After one month of training, operation / maintenance site

I was doing java in the training. There was a space before that, so [Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly]( Introduction to Java that you can understand clearly-3rd edition-Refreshing series-Kiyotaka Nakayama / dp / 4295007803) and I've been doing paiza for about a month. I managed to solve up to B rank.

I received silver on the last day of the training, and it was 53%. .. ..

89% by retaking the exam! Pass!

Total study period: about 3 months

Things to watch out for

The first time is lack of study! Was definitely there

The second time is [Kuromoto]( Thorough capture Java-SE-11-Silver problem collection-1Z0-815 / dp / 4295007625 / ref = pd_lpo_14_t_0 / 355-2169576-6249117? _encoding = UTF8 & pd_rd_i = 4295007625 & pd_rd_r = fbcae4b0-48fd-4bf8-bcc1-ebdb9fa90b30 & pd_rd_w = 7JXDG & pd_rd_wg = 329ry & pf_rd_p = 4b55d259-ebf0-4306-905a-7762d1b93740 & pf_rd_r = YZTBQMR58WS3SB177MWK & psc = 1 & refRID = YZTBQMR58WS3SB177MWK) like crazy solving, level of much late should not be allowed out only perfect score was.

Speaking of Java ・ Check the override specifications carefully ・ Check the access modifier carefully ・ Local variables and field priorities ・ Constructor specifications -As for exception handling, lambda expression, and module system, the pattern to be asked is similar to Kuromoto, so I will remember it. (It's not so good ...)

・ It may not be very helpful, but for modules, I had the impression that the roles and basic APIs were summarized in base. There were many problems that asked for knowledge.

Articles of ancestors

It will be very helpful, so please do!

Java Silver exam preparation memo [java] Java SE 8 Silver Memo

at the end

If you really do the certified textbook series, you can accept it!

Next, I want to receive basic information or LPIC, and I want to make something I also want to write a technical article

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