[Rails] Enum is easier to use! Enumelize!

What is enumelize?

An enum-type attribute with support for I18n and ActiveRecord / Mongoid / MongoMapper / Sequel. It is used when you want to classify a model by status.

Setting method

  1. Add the following to the Gemfile.

gem 'enumerize'

Also execute this.

$ bundle install
  1. Add the following description to the model.

class User
  extend Enumerize

  enumerize :sex, in: [:male, :female]
  1. Write the following in the yaml file.


How to use

--If you want to output the value

User.sex.values  # => ["male", "female"]

User.sex.options # => [["Man", "male"], ["woman", "female"]]

user = User.new

user.sex_value # => "male"
user.sex_text # => "Man"

--If you want to use it as a select box

<%= form_for @user do |f| %>
  <%= f.select :sex, User.sex.options %>
<% end %>


How to use Enumerize with Rails

Translated the README for gem enumerize

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