[JAVA] Spring Boot Memorandum

I just touched Spring Boot, so I made a note of what I understood as a memorandum.

Hello World

For the time being, read Getting started Let's see.

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based Applications that you can run.

__ You can run a commercial-level Spring-based app standalone! Is it like __?

Things necessary

How to move

There are several ways, but all of them are able to start the application with one touch without deploying after starting the web server + application server. __ Does this area feel like "standalone"?

Boot with Spring Boot CLI

Download the CLI and use sprint.bat in the bin folder to start the application (class file) written in Java.

spring run created class file

Just by starting with, the web server + application server will start and Hello World will appear at localhost: 8080.

boot with mvn spring-boot: run

Write the required definition in pom.xml, write a controller-like class, and start the app from Maven.

mvn spring-boot:run

It is built with, the web server + application server starts, and Hello World appears at localhost: 8080.

Launched in Executable Jar

Write the necessary definition in pom.xml, write a controller-like class, create a jar with Maven, and start the application.

mvn package
java -jar (Jar file)

Then, the web server + application server starts and Hello World appears at localhost: 8080. It seems that this Executable Jar can be used as it is as a batch file for starting and stopping services. Reference Why does Fully Executable Jar in Spring Boot work

RESTful Web API trial

Continue reading Building a RESTful Web Service.

Basic configuration

Understand the basic configuration through RESTful Web API implementation samples.


Implement the above and start the server with mvn spring-boot: run. When you access http: // localhost: 8080 / xxxxx (where xxxxx is the resource name), The mapped method of the controller is called and JSON is returned.

What I noticed

from now on

Read Official guide page. I will add what I understood.

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