Call a program written in Swift from Processing (Java)

When I make utility software using Processing, I can't get to the itchy place (system environment setting system, etc.)

If you implement it in Swift, you will not have a hard time hitting the API, but I feel that using Runtime # exec or ProcessBuilder on the Java side is something different, so Somehow I want to hit a function implemented in Swift like a method implemented in Java!

JNA(Java Native Access) Since the substance of Processing is a Java class that inherits the PApplet class, Java grammar and assets can be used

Java has a mechanism called JNI (Java Native Interface) that links with native code implemented in C / C ++. I think that if you use this JNI, you can call the native code implemented in Swift, It is really impossible to write JNI that connects Java and C / C ++ (Create a function with a function name including the package name ...)

Ah, ** I want to call native code from Java ** But ** I don't want to write JNI **

In such a case, use ** JNA (Java Native Access) ** It seems that he will do something good!

For JNA, refer to this area.

Generate dynamic link library from Swift source

Create the method you want to call from Java, both in the rabbit and in the corner


import Darwin.C

public func hello() {

The above program implements a function that displays Hello on standard output The point is ** 1. Set the calling convention **, ** 2. Make it public **

It seems that it will not be printed without fflush (stdout), so let's put it in Printf from native code appears only at the end of the java app

Let's compile it as it is the source as it is Generate a dynamic link library (lib * .dylib on MacOS) from the above program

Generate dynamic link library

swiftc -emit-library hello.swift

If you execute the above command in the terminal, it will be lib + filename (without extension) + .dylib A dynamic link library is generated image.png

If you check with the nm command, it seems that the hello function is in the global section and you can call it something.

Confirm with nm command

cha84rakanal$ nm libhello.dylib 
0000000000000e40 T _$S5helloAAyyF
                 U _$S6Darwin6stdoutSpySo7__sFILEVGvg
                 U _$SSS21_builtinStringLiteral17utf8CodeUnitCount7isASCIISSBp_BwBi1_tcfC
                 U _$SSSN
                 U _$Ss27_allocateUninitializedArrayySayxG_BptBwlFyp_Tg5
                 U _$Ss5print_9separator10terminatoryypd_S2StF
                 U _$Ss5print_9separator10terminatoryypd_S2StFfA0_
                 U _$Ss5print_9separator10terminatoryypd_S2StFfA1_
0000000000000fac s ___swift_reflection_version
                 U __swift_FORCE_LOAD_$_swiftDarwin
0000000000001060 s __swift_FORCE_LOAD_$_swiftDarwin_$_hello
                 U _fflush
0000000000000e30 T _hello
                 U _swift_bridgeObjectRelease
                 U _swift_bridgeObjectRetain
                 U dyld_stub_binder

Actually call the function implemented in Swift from the Java side

Now, let's actually call the Hello function created earlier from the Processing (Java) side. Put the dynamically generated dynamic link library in the data directory of the sketch and move it with the next sketch!


import com.sun.jna.Library;
import com.sun.jna.Native;
import com.sun.jna.Platform;

public interface SwiftLib extends Library {
    void hello();

SwiftLib mylib;

void setup(){
    mylib = (SwiftLib) Native.loadLibrary(dataPath("libhello.dylib"), SwiftLib.class);

void draw(){

The point is

  1. Import JNA related libraries
  2. Define an interface that inherits com.sun.jna.Library (definition of the function created inside)
  3. Load the dynamic link library with Native # loadLibrary, and if you only use the library name, go to the path of the dynamic library referenced by Java, and be sure to enter it with an absolute path.

If Hello is displayed, it's OK! All you have to do is implement whatever you like in Swift! Well then, good Processing Life


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