[JAVA] What Android, Kotlin beginners did in a month and what they were able to do

Hello, are the intern as 19 Degree nominee in Atorae @ muttsu-623 (Twitter: [@ muttsu_623] is (https://twitter.com/muttsu_623).

I have been studying Android for a month and a half since I started my internship.

I had a hard time because I had never touched Android and of course I had no experience with Kotlin, but there was a way that I should have studied like this personally, so I will describe the study method.

Premise (development experience)

As you can see from the description, you are a beginner with almost no development experience,you understand Java a little, and you understand a little object-oriented? It was about. .. ..

How to study

There are two main ways to study.

  1. Learning with books
  2. Create your own client application using the API of the informal service

I will briefly describe each method I learned.

1. Learning with books

There are two types of books I have used.

  1. Develop basic and applied skills! Android application development textbook Practical hands-on to avoid becoming a developer
  2. Kotlin Startbook

I will explain how each of them was used.

Firmly develop basic & applied skills! Android application development textbook Practical hands-on to avoid becoming a developer

This will teach you the basics of Android development in Java. As I mentioned earlier, I was studying simple Java, so I decided to catch up on Android development procedures with Java.

The good thing about this book is

  1. The explanation is polite
  2. Many sample apps

Personally, what I think is important for beginners is to create a sample app anyway. On top of that, this textbook allows you to learn many basics while making one sample app in each chapter, so I think that you can proceed with learning while getting a sense of accomplishment for beginners.

Kotlin Start Book

[Develop basic and applied skills! After reading the Android app development textbook, "Practice hands-on to avoid becoming a developer", and now that I can make simple apps in Java, I started working on this book.

In this book, you will learn the basics such as Kotlin grammar in the first half, and create a Qiita client application in Kotlin in the second half.

As a personal impression, it was hard to read w

However, I couldn't find any other book to develop Android apps in Kotlin, and this book was a job offer, so I learned from it.

In the latter half of the Qiita client app creation, we used a lot of libraries, so it was difficult for Android development beginners to understand what works where and how.

In my opinion, while learning how to write in Kotlin in this book, if you try to develop a client application similar to the book without using a library, you will often learn a lot. I will.

2. Create your own client application using the API of the informal service

After studying in the book, I made my own message function similar to the message function of the service called yenta.

The added functions are as follows.

I asked the informal destination to publish the API of the staging application and created it. As a content that I could not learn from the book

I think I learned anew. (I haven't seen the code of yenta, so I don't know if it was developed in the same way.)

I can't publish the app I created, but I was able to create my own app with a simple message function, although it's not exactly the same.


Personally, studying Android apps

  1. Learning the basics of Java
  2. Learning to create Android apps with Java
  3. Learning the basics of Kotlin
  4. Learning to create Android apps with Kotlin

I thought it would be better to do it in the order of.

In my case, I suddenly started with the Kotlin startbook, but I didn't know how to create an Android app, and I didn't even know what was written in Kotlin.

I don't think this is the correct answer, and I think there is a better way, so I would be grateful if you could explore and comment!

Last but not least, I am very happy that I was able to create a solid app for the first time, thanks to the seniors who have been hired.

I've been trying my own apps, but I couldn't solve the error, and I was frustrated because I didn't know how to proceed. With the support of my seniors this time, I managed to make an app.

We will continue to challenge not only Android but also various developments, and we will do our best to support when juniors are born!

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