How to debug the processing in the Ruby on Rails model only on the console

Hello Writing today is mainly for beginners. This time, I will introduce a certain debugging method. The debug is'byebug'. It doesn't require a gem like binding.pry, and it's attractive that view doesn't. You can debug just by writing byebug in the processing of the model or controller. However, even if you write it in view, you cannot debug it.


class Scraping < ApplicationRecord
    def self.get_infomation
        require 'mechanize'
        agent =
        links = []
        current_page = agent.get("")
        elements ='.home_talent_list_wrapper')
        boxs ='.item')
        roks ='.right')
        qqqs ='a')
        eees ='.title')
        eees.each do |eee|
            links <<  eee.inner_text
        links.each do |link|
            get_personal_infomation('' + link)
    def self.get_personal_infomation(link)
        agent =
        personal_page = agent.get(link)
        aaas ='.talent_name_wrapper')
        ages ='.age').inner_text.delete('age').to_i if'.age')
        names ='h1').inner_text  if'h1')
        image_urls ='.main_image img').get_attribute('src') if'.main_image img')
        infomation = Infomation.where(name: names).first_or_initialize
        infomation.age = ages
        infomation.image_url = image_urls

Then run get_infomation on the console

[23, 32] in /home/ec2-user/environment/filebook/app/models/scraping.rb
   23:         ages ='.age').inner_text.delete('age').to_i if'.age')
   24:         names ='h1').inner_text  if'h1')
   25:         image_urls ='.main_image img').get_attribute('src') if'.main_image img')
   26:         infomation = Infomation.where(name: names).first_or_initialize
   27:         infomation.age = ages
   28:         infomation.image_url = image_urls
   29:         byebug 
=> 30:
   31:     end
   32: end

In this way, you can stop the process in the model. You can do it by writing a method in this (byebug).

(byebug) infomation
#<Infomation id: 14, age: 22, name: "Hirose Suzu", image_url: "", created_at: "2020-11-01 07:14:44", updated_at: "2020-11-01 07:14:44">

You can take out the contents. Next, if you do it with

"Hirose Suzu"

If you make it personal_page

 {title "From the birth of Hirose Tin to the present-Talent dictionary"}
  #<Mechanize::Page::Frame nil "">}
  #<Mechanize::Page::Link "Talent dictionary" "">
  #<Mechanize::Page::Link "Talent dictionary" "">
   "Hirose Suzu"
The rest is omitted

You can extract all the information in the view.

You can do the same with the controller


def show
        @infomation = Infomation.find(params[:id])
        @comments = @infomation.comments
        @favorite = @infomation.favorites

And when you start the server

[3, 12] in /home/ec2-user/environment/filebook/app/controllers/infomations_controller.rb
    3:         @infomations = Infomation.all
    4:         @infomations_rankings = Infomation.find('count(infomation_id) desc').limit(3).pluck(:infomation_id))
    5:     end
    6:     def show
    7:         @infomation = Infomation.find(params[:id])
    8:           byebug 
=>  9:         @comments = @infomation.comments
   10:         @favorite = @infomation.favorites
   11:     end
   12: end

If you start @infomation in this state

(byebug) @infomation
#<Infomation id: 1, age: 21, name: "Kanna Hashimoto", image_url: "", created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>

And you can get the information.

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