Create My Page with Rails devise

Thing you want to do

Make an article about creating my page using devise, which is a gem of rails.

** Assumption: Rails environment built, devise installed **

route settings

Create a show action to create my page.

# routes.rb
resources :user, only: [:show]

Creating a controller

Create a user controller.

$ rails g controller users show

Editing controller

Get the user who is the DB in users_controller.

# app/controllers/users_controller.rb
  #My page
  def show
    @user = User.find(params[:id])

Edit view

Create a view of my page. Show nickname and email address in user table

# views/users/show.html.haml
  = @user.nickname


I wrote an article about creating my page with devise easily. I want to output little by little and acquire skills, and I hope it will be useful to someone. It was my first post, but it was fun as a markup practice. I will continue to post.

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