[RUBY] I can't get out of the Rails dbconsole screen


I can't get out of the SQLite operation screen when creating a Rails application

Execution environment

・ Rails -5 ・ AWS Cloud9

error contents

After creating the DB, I entered the following command to check if the table was created. rails dbconsolesqlite> .table↵ Since I was able to confirm the created table, I tried to exit the SQLite screen with the following command (typo). sqlite> exit↵  exit → ✖ Then on the screen ...> Is displayed, and even if you enter a regular command (**. Exit **), you cannot exit the console screen.


Upon examination, ...> is * a prompt to continue typing *, so you can cancel it by typing **; . ...> ;↵ "exit" was an error. After the display of, the screen returns to the normal SQLite input screen, so enter the regular command (. Exit **) to exit the console screen. Error: near "exit": syntax error sqlite> .exit↵ I was able to exit the console screen safely.

Solution keywords

...> is * Prompt to continue typing * Type ; to turn off the prompt

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