[For Rails beginners] Summary of how to use RSpec (get an overview)

What is RSpec?

A gem that tests the operation of applications with RSpec and Ruby on Rails and Ruby.

As the purpose of use, check mistakes such as large-scale services are likely to occur, so code it. You can also save yourself the trouble of testing from scratch each time you update your application.

Introduction method

group :development, :test do
  gem "rspec-rails"

Make settings

% rails g rspec:install

Run this from your terminal to generate the required directories. Make sure you have a ** spec ** directory in your directory.

--format documentation

By writing this in .rspec, you can see the result of the test code from the terminal.

I will actually move it

This time, I will make a simple sample and explain it. First, create a sample directory under the spec directory generated by rails g rspec: install, and create a sample_spec.rb file in it. I will describe it there.


RSpec.describe 'What test code?' do
  contenxt 'Situation explanation' do
    it "The result that this should be" do
Describe the processing content here

· RSpec.describe'What test code? 'do

After describe, describe the test contents in a large group. For example, *** New registration test *** and *** Login function test ***.

・ Context'Crush a little more and explain the situation' do

In the second line of describe, the test code declared in the first line is broken down a little more. For example, *** when new registration is possible *** or *** when login is not possible ***.

・ It "What kind of processing is it?" Do

Here, the specific processing content is described. For example, *** You can register newly if your name is entered *** or *** You cannot log in if your password is incorrect ***.

Explained using a concrete example


RSpec.describe 'Test total score' do
  contenxt 'Total points when math is 100 points and national language is 50 points' do
    it "If you add the math and national language scores, you get a total of 150 points." do
      expect(100 + 50).to eq 150

Here is the test code for the total score of the test. In context, we explain the situation of how many points each score is. And in it, I explain specifically what should be like this and describe the processing contents in it.


The flow is to verbalize the confirmation content and execute the process. Next time, I would like to introduce what I learned about the processing contents.

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