[JAVA] IDEA's error sharing plugin for those who have errors forever

Does anyone have the same error forever when developing as a team?

I think, "I wish I could ask without holding it myself forever!", But he seems to think that he can solve it, and if he tries to solve it by himself, it will take time. This is a low productivity situation for you and your team.

スクリーンショット 2017-03-06 15.30.15.png   In order to solve such a situation, I made a plugin for IDEA that ** automatically notifies the team's Slack of the error message and the corresponding code when an error occurs **. The name of the plugin is ** watchMe **. slack-screenshot-00.png

At ** watchMe **, the goal is to share your errors with team members and get advice to resolve them quickly. watchme.001 2.jpeg

The code is published below. I'm glad if you can add a star m (_ _) m chakki-works/watchMe

Installation requires plugin installation in IDEA and Slack Incoming Webhook settings. Let's introduce the setting method.


Slack Incoming Webhook Settings

First, set up the Incoming Webhook. Please open the following URL. https://slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook

Select the channel for which you want to be notified of error messages. It's a good idea to create a channel for each project you're working on. slack-screenshot-01.png

After selecting the channel, the Webhook URL will be displayed, so make a note of it. slack-screenshot-02.png

That's all for Slack settings. Next, install the plug-in in IDEA.

Install watchMe

Here we will install the plugin. Search for and install watchMe from IDEA's Preferences-> Plugins-> Browse repositories ... Please restart IDEA for the installation to take effect. slack-screenshot-03.png

Once watchMe is installed, select Tools-> Slack Settings-> Add Slack Channel. slack-screenshot-04.png

A dialog will appear where you can enter your name and the webhook URL you wrote down. The name is used to indicate who the error is. slack-screenshot-05.png

This completes the settings. When an error occurs, Slack will be notified of the error message and the corresponding line of code. slack-screenshot-00.png


Currently, it will automatically notify you when an error occurs. It's nice to be notified automatically, but sometimes simple errors are resolved on their own before getting advice. Therefore, it seems better to notify when the same error occurs several times.

Also, I noticed after I finished making it, but isn't it taking time to develop when thinking about logic and design rather than being addicted to solving the error that occurred? The hypothesis came to me. If that hypothesis is correct, watchMe cannot detect it. Therefore, I think that creating a plug-in that acquires the following information and issues an alert may help improve productivity.

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