Get Timestamp with Azure BlobStorage Java SDK

It's as simple as getting a timestamp for an Azure Blob Storage object, but it's surprisingly annoying, so make a note of it. I think it is natural to give a time stamp to the object of BlobItem, but it seems that the design concept is different.

Maven POM

<!-- -->



public class AzureHello {
	public static final String storageConnectionString = "{your_connection_string}";

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		CloudStorageAccount storageAccount;
		CloudBlobClient blobClient = null;
		CloudBlobContainer container = null;

		try {
			storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.parse(storageConnectionString);
			blobClient = storageAccount.createCloudBlobClient();
			container = blobClient.getContainerReference("{your_container_name}");
			CloudBlob cb = container.getBlobReferenceFromServer("test.txt");

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