[JAVA] I managed to get a blank when I brought the contents of Beans to the textarea

At the beginning

If you bring the contents of Beans to the textarea, a space will be inserted ...! Specifically

Originally in DB by default, such as textarea that can be edited by the user I want to display the saved contents ...

at a time like this

Saya! If you thrust it normally, it's ok!

<testaera name="profile">
    <jsp:getProperty property="profile" name="user_db/>

This is fine ...

If you run it as it is ... image.png

・ ・ ・ ・? ?? ?? There is a blank! ?? !! ?? !! I was cured when I was playing with the sauce

The code above

<textarea name="profile"><jsp:getProperty property="profile" name="user_db"/><textarea>

Perhaps this ... was there a blank indentation ...?

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