Beginner Ruby on Rails What I learned is being summarized

Purpose of this article I have summarized what I learned in about 3 months at a programming school so that I can make use of it in my career change activities. This is an article by me only for me. The volume will increase little by little.

One word that left an impression on the mentor was ~ There is a difference in level to be able to write Rails. ~ ~ RSpec is an essential technology. ~

Code review perspective He seems to be a great person for mentors! Here's a summary of the points to check when doing a Rails code review


gem'haml-rails' required. Haml eliminates the need for closing tags and reduces code. Severe indentation, but you'll be able to write neat code without the need for closing tags! I feel. Reference: How to write Haml


<div class="haml">
  <h1>Hello Haml!</h1>

  %h1 Hello Haml!

About routing

Pass the meaning of the URL Nesting resources makes it easier to understand the meaning of URLs. ↓


#Post is the parent, and Comment and Like are the children.
  resources :posts do
    resources :comments, only: [:create, :destroy]
    resources :likes, only: [:show,:create, :destroy]

Moreover, you can bring two IDs from the URL! ↓

post_comments POST     /posts/:post_id/comments(.:format)      comments#create
post_comment  DELETE   /posts/:post_id/comments/:id(.:format)  comments#destroy
post_likes    POST     /posts/:post_id/likes(.:format)         likes#create
post_like     GET      /posts/:post_id/likes/:id(.:format)     likes#show
              DELETE   /posts/:post_id/likes/:id(.:format)     likes#destroy
#It's hard to understand, so let's make it even more


Model method

Make the logic used many times a model method, make it DRY ↓


-  - if == post.user_id #I had a bad face when I wrote it directly
+  - post.created_user?(current_user) 
    %p you are the person who posted


#Define model method
  def created_user?(user)
    self.user_id ==



In the controller, calling a method directly from the model can easily lead to a security hole. Basically, the whole target is irregular, and it is almost nonexistent. ↓


def new
  - @post =  #Wrong ID may be entered
  + @post =  #current_range of user(scope)
#If you really want to use the capital letter model, you have to do it or put your hand on your chest before deciding.


Make the common part in the controller a private method and keep it in DRY with before_action ↓


before_action :set_post


def set_post
  @post = current_user.posts.find(params[:id])
#Don't make the controller fat, let's make it slim

Save, Destroy method

For save and destroy methods that almost never fail except for factors such as server troubles in the Internet environment! ↓


  def destroy
    flash[:notice] = "Deleted post"
    redirect_to posts_path

Use constants

Make it a constant so that it is easy for the whole person to understand. Define a constant in the model and call it in the controller. ↓



@comments =[:page]).per(Ex_model::PER_COMMENT).order(created_at: :desc)
#Model name::Constant name


Originally write a test and write a method while checking for failures (TDD, test-driven development)


  describe "#created_user?" do
    let(:user) { FactoryBot.create(:user) } #The person
    let(:other_user) { FactoryBot.create(:user) } #others
    let(:post) { FactoryBot.create(:post, user: user) } #Posted by the person
    context "For the same user as the logged-in user" do
      it "Returning true" do
        expect(post.created_user?(user)).to eq true 
    context "If not the same user as the logged-in user" do
      it "Returning false" do
        expect(post.created_user?(other_user)).to eq false 

Reference book Everyday Rails-Introduction to Rails Testing with RSpec Anyway, I can move my hand a little. Personally, the ajax related test of system spec is trauma.

Recommended videos TDD Boot Camp 2020 Online # 1 Keynote / Live Coding

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