[RUBY] [Rails] How to use video_tag to display videos

We have realized the image & video upload function using carrierwave. Since I used "video_tag" for video display for the first time, I will keep it as a memorandum. I hope it helps some Rails beginners.


MacOS Catalina Rails Ruby 2.6.3

What is video_tag

スクリーンショット 2020-09-02 18.22.19.png The one that is often used when displaying videos like this. Think of it as a video version of image_tag.

Frequently used attributes

attribute meaning
autoplay Whether to play automatically after loading the page
controls Whether to show the controller
autobuffer Whether to buffer automatically
muted Whether to make a sound
size Specify size
width Specify width
height Specify height

Usage sample


<%= video_tag post.video.url, height: "50%", width: "50%" controls: true, autobuffer: true %>

It seems that it is essential to specify the size with size, width, or height. Videos taken with the camera are displayed in a ridiculously large range on the browser, and videos taken with the smartphone are vertically long. And why does the controller not come out if the width is narrowed only for the video taken with the smartphone ... (playback is possible)

At the end

It may be smarter to display thumbnails like Twitter and then have the user press the play button. I don't know how to achieve it. .. ..

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