Create a MOB using the Minecraft Java Mythicmobs plugin | Preparation 1


Good morning for those who get up early and read in a hurry (* ^ o ^ ) ( ^ O ^ *) Hello If you are who read leisurely this article to noon (No゚ Д °) Thank you for those who read leisurely at the end of school work at night. Good evening \ (^ ▽ ^) /!

Thank you for reading this article, as I say many times! !! In this article, let's teach Minecraft Java plugin Mythicmobs to anyone, easy to understand and fun! !! Enjoy is Enjoy (?) You can do anything if you are fine! !! I started suddenly by saying (= ・ ω ・) ノ

The author is basically a bright person with high tension! !! I think that the surprise mark emoticon grass ww etc. will be diverse w But I'm not playful. I'm going to explain it seriously \ _ (pro) Important here // So thank you! I think there is one 114514% typographical error. It would be helpful if you could point it out at that time! !! Still saved ... yes! !! This ↑ this ↓ Madagascar! !!

the term

By the way, this article will use the following terms from now on. This article = this page. Writer = The person who makes this article. (I didn't really know the name. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.)

Target audience of this article

This article is intended for the following people. ・ I don't know Mythicmobs, but I was interested in the title of this article. ・ People who know Mythicmobs but seem to be difficult and have never touched it ・ People who have made it using Mythicmobs, but were desperate for NASA, which has almost English commentary and the amount of information in Japanese. It is created for the above people. So, please leave the middle and advanced level (´ ・ ω ・ `) ノ ~ bye bye

Prerequisite operation of this article

Before that, I will talk on the premise that I can do the following things. -Set up a Spigot or Bukkit server (it doesn't matter whether the port is open or not) -Extract file Edit extension Copy and paste Move file Copy ・ Download additional software We will proceed on the premise that we can do the above. If you have any questions, please google w (other power application) As I said earlier, this time I will use a lot of copy and paste. You don't have to install the Mythicmobs plugin yet. (If you have it, please leave it as it is)

What is MythicMobs?

It seems that some people thought, "I'll explain from here." You can go down w (^ ω ^) _ Please Let's move on to the main subject.

I would like to explain Mythic Mobs again. MythicMobs is a plugin that allows you to create your own MOB separately from the original Minecraft MOB. It seems that there are few people who can tell because it is absolutely now ww In addition, you can also make skill attacks. But it is amazing! !! ヽ [゚ Д ゚] 丿 Sugii

Preparation 1

Let's get ready now! !! First, let's download the software (text editor) for creating MOBs! !!

In fact, I'm sure there are people who wondered, "Why do you download a text editor? Do you like Notepad?" In conclusion, I don't recommend __Notepad. __ The reason is that it is not easy to use. For example, it feels like a soccer player is fighting a match without spikes (?) So I don't recommend it.

So this time, I think that people who have programmed html Java etc. know, but I will use software called Visual Studio Code.

Download Visual Studio Code

Now, let's download Visual Studio Code. Access this site. キャプチャ.PNG I think the screen will look like this. Even if it is different, if it is such a site (・ ∀ ・) Okay! Click Download Now on the left. キャプチャ.PNG After clicking, you will see a screen like this. I think there is only Windows, so click on Windows on the left and where it says. Click on the blue box instead of the User Installer below.

Next is キャプチャ.PNG As shown in the image above, open the download folder, start Visual Studio Code, and follow the instructions to download.

Please start Visual Studio Code after downloading. Then you will see the following screen. キャプチャ.PNG This completes the download.


I would like to set up Visual Studio Code. This part is very important and I recommend it so I definitely want you to see it.

First of all キャプチャ.PNG In the image above, click on the part surrounded by pink. キャプチャ.PNG Then something like the image will be added on the left side (the part surrounded by blue). Then enter "yaml" in the area surrounded by red to search.

Then キャプチャ.PNG I think it will look like this. Click on the one displayed at the top (the one in red). Then, a large detail will appear next to it, so click on the installation boxed in blue. Once the installation is complete, uninstall and disable it, and if it says it's successful. This completes Preparation 1.

At the end

This time I would like to end here. I hope you'll be interested in it during the preparation stage! !! If you have any questions, please leave a comment! !! Next, Preparation 2 may start making a little MOB. I will post as soon as possible! !! I also have Twitter, so please follow me! !! See you next time ~

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