[RUBY] [rails] Problems that cannot be registered / logged in with devise

I can't register / log in with devise

After creating a user registration and login screen with devise This method is for when you want to register / log in with information other than the default (email).

I edited the form on the view page, but there is a trap that I cannot register or log in to. please refer.

In the following cases, the keys of sing_up and account_update are changed.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_action :configure_permitted_parameters, if: :devise_controller?

    def configure_permitted_parameters
		if resource_class == User
   			devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:sign_up, keys: [:name,:email])

defore _action

before_action :configure_permitted_parameters, if: :devise_controller?

before_action is a kind of filter, which is executed for all controllers by writing it in application.contoller.

: devise_contoller? is one of the helper methods that can be created when devise is generated. If you want to jump to the screen related to devise. This will launch configure_permitted_parameters on all devise screens.

This means that if it's a devise controller (if the return value of the devise_controller? Method is true), call configure_permitted_parameters.

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