[JAVA] @BeforeStep does not work in Tasklet of spring-batch

Even if I add a method that adds `@ BeforeStep``` to `Tasklet``` as shown below in spring-batch, it does not work as intended.

public class MyTasklet implements Tasklet {
    void beforeStep(StepExecution stepExecution) {


Probably because there is no automatic listener registration in Tasklet.

If you implement a listener such as StepExecutionListener in the implementation class such as ItemReader, that listener will also be automatically registered (at least for running spring-batch with spring-boot). See Spring-batch is automatically registered when listener is implemented by reader.

As mentioned above, it seems that ItemReader has automatic listener registration, but `` `Tasklet``` does not. I'm just guessing because I haven't followed the source or documentation properly.



Use the execute </ code> method argument `chunkContext``` or implement `StepExecutionListener```.

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