Use SpatiaLite with Java / JDBC

Hello. As an example of using SpatiaLite, "[Language bindings: Java / JDBC] ( "I found (SpatiaLite Cookbook), so I tried running the source (

I installed the following as a preparation (using homebrew).

$ brew install sqlite libspatialite
$ brew cask install java
$ wget


$ javac -classpath ".:sqlite-jdbc-3.16.1.jar"
$ java -classpath ".:sqlite-jdbc-3.16.1.jar" SpatialiteSample
SQLite version: 3.16.1
SpatiaLite version: 4.3.0a
target CPU: x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0
> Inserted 100000 entities of type POINT SRID=4326
> Inserted 100000 entities of type LINESTRING SRID=4326
> Inserted 100000 entities of type POLYGON SRID=4326
$ ls -ld spatialite-test.sqlite
$ javac -classpath ".:sqlite-jdbc-3.16.1.jar" 
$ java -classpath ".:sqlite-jdbc-3.16.1.jar" SpatialiteThreads
start: Slot #0    Thread #0
start: Slot #2    Thread #2
start: Slot #1    Thread #1
    stop: Slot #25    Thread #991
    stop: Slot #19    Thread #997
    stop: Slot #57    Thread #1000

If there is a problem with the operation of sqlite + spatialite, it seems that you should check as follows first.

$ SQLITE3_VERSION=`brew info sqlite | grep /usr/local/Cellar/sqlite | awk '{print $1}'`
$ SQLITE3=${SQLITE3_VERSION}/bin/sqlite3
$ echo $SQLITE3
$ $SQLITE3 -version
$ ( \
echo "SELECT load_extension('mod_spatialite');"  \
echo "SELECT sqlite_version();"  \
echo "SELECT spatialite_version();"  \
echo "SELECT spatialite_target_cpu();" \
) | $SQLITE3

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