M.S. docker on Windows

(Almost) CUI procedure from installation to use of Docker for Window https://qiita.com/Teramonte4/items/9d18f15cb470cb3e647f

I made a docker container for CentOS 7 that supports Japanese in Window 10. https://qiita.com/0ashina0/items/f8b960e822a40a6a2eed

Build docker operating environment on Windows 10 Home https://qiita.com/yaman7/items/c27819ead4f9a0fd0225

[Docker] I set up Docker For Windows (for Docker beginners) https://qiita.com/naonaka/items/c8d076170100ee2ea63c

First Docker-Introduction https://qiita.com/sat0tabe/items/f5681fdd03ebc4a7c418

Notes on running Docker Desktop For Windows on Windows10 Home https://qiita.com/hibohiboo/items/f40cdb0d96cd9a15ff2b

[Docker for Windows] The Docker app suddenly stopped working ... https://qiita.com/Kiyo_Karl2/items/d6207db7e86e9df3c951

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