Ruby variables and functions (methods)


Preface (Introduction)

This article is related to Part 6 of the Special Lecture on Multiscale Simulation. We will proceed according to Chart type Ruby.

This time, we will learn about Ruby variables and methods according to Chart expression ruby-II (variable and method).



Ruby doesn't require type declarations for variables, so you can use it this way as well.

x = 'Ruby'
x = 19
x = false

You can also assign ARGV [0] to a variable as in Last article.


name = ARGV[0]
puts "hello #{name}"
> ruby name_variable.rb W
-> hello W


Function in Ruby means to define method. This seems to be because everything in Ruby is an object.

Use your hands to remember.


def hello name
  puts "Hello #{name}."

name = ARGV[0]
> ruby hello_method.rb W                                                                   
-> Hello W.                                                                                  

Reference material

Ruby – Wikipedia

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