11th, Classification with Ruby

!Mac OS-11.0.1!ruby-2.6.6p146


** This article is about the lecture [Special Lecture on Multiscale Simulation] in the first half of graduate school **
We will deal with Class in Ruby.

Hello method before classifying

def hello(name)
  puts "hello #{name}"

def gets_name
  name = ARGV[0]
  if name == nil
    puts "What\'s your name? "
    name = gets.chomp
  return name

hello gets_name

On the other hand, let's define Hello Class and look at Class in Ruby.

Suddenly Class

Suddenly, take a look at the source code that has been Classified.

class Hello
  def initialize
    @name = gets_name

  def puts_hello
    puts "Hello #{@name}."

  def gets_name
    name = ARGV[0] || 'world'
    return name.capitalize


So that's it. Easy. The points to note here are described below.

Inheritance or override

Learn about this by looking at the code.

class Hello < String
  def hello
    "Hello #{self}."

class String
  def hello
    "Hello #{self}."

So that's it. Very simple. Here again, Ruby is extremely easy and simple, and the learning cost is low.
By the way, calling and using are as follows

require 'colorize'
#Inheritance call
greeter = Hello.new(ARGV[0])
puts greeter.hello.green

#Override call
puts ARGV[0].hello.green

Ruby easy. I'm doing embedded development in C, but I don't want to. that's all.

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