Equivalence comparison of Java wrapper classes and primitive types

In a certain project, the equivalence comparison between the wrapper class and the primitive type was wrong, so I wrote an article for newcomers.


public class DemoApp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Integer x = 999999;
        Integer y = 999999;
        int z = 999999;

        //Of the wrapper class==Comparison
        if (x == y) {
        } else {

        //Comparison of wrapper classes by equals method
        if (x.equals(y)) {
        } else {

        //Wrapper classes and primitive types==Comparison
        if (x == z) {
        } else {
        //Comparison of wrapper class and primitive type equals method
        if (x.equals(z)) {
        } else {

Execution result


This is the result of defining a wrapper class with the same number and a variable of primitive type and comparing the values.

Item number conditions result
1 Wrapper class and wrapper class==Equivalence comparison different
2 Wrapper class and wrapper classequalsEquivalence comparison by method the same
3 Wrapper class and primitive type==Equivalence comparison the same
4 Wrapper class and primitive typeequalsEquivalence comparison by method the same

== determines whether it points to the same instance (object), but it is interesting that the wrapper class and primitive type are also determined to be ** the same **.

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