For Java beginners: List, Map, Iterator / Array ... How to convert?

When programming in Java, both training and non-training I think List, Map, etc. often appear (sometimes Set, Iterator, etc.).

However, what is converted after a long time Because it should be "that? How do you convert this?"

1. Quick reference table for the time being

Static methods for those with class names, instance methods for those with only method names

\ Conversion destination
Conversion source|List, Set, etc.(Collection)
Map Iterator Stream Array
List/Set etc.
constructor - iterator() stream()
Map entrySet(), keySet(), values() constructor (Via Set) (Via Set)
Stream Collect() Collect() iterator() Intermediate operation in general
Array (List only)
- (Via List) Steam.of()

2. Explain only the important points

・ Collection (List / Set, etc.) → Collection (List / Set, etc.)

Java's built-in Collection classes (ArrayList, HashSet, ArrayDeque, etc.) Some constructors put a Collection in it. Map is not a Collection, but you can do the same with Map → Map.

 //Prepare Set in advance
 Set<String> ESet = Set.of("list","set","deque");
 //Set to List!
 List<String> EList = new ArrayList(Eset);

・ Map → Collection, Iterator

If you want only the key list, use keySet. If you want only the contents, use values (). entrySet () if you want to use both in the for statement

 //Prepare Map in advance
 Map<String,Collection<String>> EMap = new HashMap<>();

 //Map to Set!
 Set<String> ESet = EMap.keySet();
 //Set to Iterator!

 //Map → Iterator is also possible by connecting

・ Conversion from List to array

 List<String> EList = List.of("list","set","deque");
 String[] EArray = EList.toArray(new String[0]);

3. For those who have a little time: I want to convert to a special collection ... Convert using Stream

From Stream, you can make it a Collection by using collect (). (It is also possible to use other than Collection such as array and Map) In particular, you can easily create almost any Collection by using Collectors.toCollection.

・ Conversion using the built-in Collector

 List<String> EList = List.of("list","set","deque");
 //Convert to Set
 Set<String> ESet =;

Note: ** Collectors.toSet () and Collectors.toList () are not guaranteed to be modifiable or impossible! **
(Example: toList is currently an ArrayList, but it may suddenly become an immutable List)

 List<Integer> EList = List.of(1,2,3);
 //Convert the element of the list to the key and the string to the Map to set the value
 Map<Integer,String> EMap =, String::valueOf));

-Conversion using Collectors.toCollection

 List<Integer> EList = List.of(1,2,3);
 //If you want to specify the implementation class of List, use toCollection
 LinkedList<Integer> EList =;

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