[Java8] Search the directory and get the file


Nice to meet you, I am a first year web engineer who started working as a new graduate in April this year. This is the first post! We will continue to output the skills and skills that we have learned in the future. I would appreciate it if you could comment if you made a mistake in the code or if this is better. Thank you!

Thing you want to do

Create a method (searchFile method) that acquires the path containing a specific file from a directory whose number of layers is unknown and outputs it. Here, search under "C: \ tmp" and return the file path including "hoge" in the file name.


Eclipse Oxygen Java8


  1. Store the directory / file list of the path specified by the listFile method in an array

  2. Take out the acquired contents in a loop, evaluate whether it is a file, and conditional branch a. File → Evaluate whether the file you want b. Others → Recursive call to searchFile method


import java.io.File;

public class Main {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		//Specify the path you want to search

	public static void searchFile(String targetPath) {
		File dir = new File(targetPath);
        //Directory under the path/Put the files in an array
		File[] list = dir.listFiles();
		for(File path : list) {
			if(path.isFile()) {
				//Divide the obtained path with a backslash"\\"not"\\\\"give
				String[] splitedPath = path.toString().split("\\\\");
				String file = splitedPath[splitedPath.length-1];
				if(file.toString().contains("hoge")) {
			//Recursive method call if file is not a file
			}else {




In order to search all directories for which the number of layers is unknown, I think the point is to make a recursive call that calls itself in a conditional branch.

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