[RUBY] Rails web server and application server


The command "rails s" that I used casually. With this command, I realized again what was working and how, so I will write it down.

** Supplement ** rails s is a command to start a local server.

table of contents

  1. Web server and application server
  2. Local environment
  3. Production environment

1. Web server and application server

In order to distribute the processing load (high-speed processing), the servers are divided by function.

** Web server ** Receive all requests from the client side. If the content of the request is static (HTML or CSS), the web server returns a response to the browser (client). If the content of the request is dynamic (searching for information from the database, etc.), pass the request to the application server.

** Application server ** Receives the request passed from the web server and performs the corresponding controller action. After that, the processing result is returned to the Web server.

2. Local environment

Type rails s in the terminal to launch the server. At that time, puma is displayed on the terminal. This is an application server for Rails and is not separated from the web server.


=> Booting Puma
=> Rails application starting in development 
=> Run `rails server --help` for more startup options
Puma starting in single mode...
* Version 3.12.6 (ruby 2.6.5-p114), codename: Llamas in Pajamas
* Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
* Environment: development
* Listening on tcp://localhost:3000
Use Ctrl-C to stop

3. Production environment

In the production environment, the web server and application server are separated. As mentioned above, the reason is to take measures against server load such as concentrated access. Build a production environment by combining Nginx (Web server) and Unicorn (application server).

Reference page Why use Unicorn, Nginx in the production environment of rails? ~ About cooperation of Rack, Unicorn, Nginx ~ [Web service operation with Ruby On Rails]

that's all

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