[JAVA] Stop port for a certain Tomcat plug-in (8081)


It's been a while since I've been working on a web app and another web API system that is called from it, so when I tried to launch the development environment, the web app didn't start. ~~ Docker? What is it delicious? ~~

Environment (details are unknown because it is the workplace)

What happened

  1. Launch the WebAPI executable jar on port8081
  1. Launch the web app from the gradle task
  1. Does not start \ (\ ^ o \ ^) /

It seems that port is used when executed with --trace

Address already in use: JVM_Bind

But netstat/nao | findstr" 8080 " does not apply

Hate ...

What was it

As written on github, Tomcat Plugin used 8081 as the stop port of tomcat. I changed the WebAPI side to 8090 and it worked fine.

How did you notice immediately

――I should have just put out a detailed log --You shouldn't have suddenly narrowed down to 8080 with netstat --I should have searched from the port side used by WebAPI

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