[JAVA] I want to see the contents of Request without saying four or five

System.out.println("Protocol: " + request.getProtocol()); System.out.println("Scheme: " + request.getScheme()); System.out.println("Server Name: " + request.getServerName() ); System.out.println("Server Port: " + request.getServerPort()); System.out.println("Protocol: " + request.getProtocol()); System.out.println("Remote Addr: " + request.getRemoteAddr()); System.out.println("Remote Host: " + request.getRemoteHost()); System.out.println("Character Encoding: " + request.getCharacterEncoding()); System.out.println("Content Length: " + request.getContentLength()); System.out.println("Content Type: "+ request.getContentType()); System.out.println("Auth Type: " + request.getAuthType()); System.out.println("HTTP Method: " + request.getMethod()); System.out.println("Path Info: " + request.getPathInfo()); System.out.println("Path Trans: " + request.getPathTranslated()); System.out.println("Query String: " + request.getQueryString()); System.out.println("Remote User: " + request.getRemoteUser()); System.out.println("Session Id: " + request.getRequestedSessionId()); System.out.println("Request URI: " + request.getRequestURI()); System.out.println("Servlet Path: " + request.getServletPath()); System.out.println("Accept: " + request.getHeader("Accept")); System.out.println("Host: " + request.getHeader("Host")); System.out.println("Referer : " + request.getHeader("Referer")); System.out.println("Accept-Language : " + request.getHeader("Accept-Language")); System.out.println("Accept-Encoding : " + request.getHeader("Accept-Encoding")); System.out.println("User-Agent : " + request.getHeader("User-Agent")); System.out.println("Connection : " + request.getHeader("Connection")); System.out.println("Cookie : " + request.getHeader("Cookie"));

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