[RUBY] Output Rails Routes as csv

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How to output Rails routes list in csv format

→ When catching up the system in a new organization, it can be used when you want to trace from the routing and get a bird's-eye view of the whole, and you want to systematically summarize the information in SpreadSheet etc.

How to do

Reference source

See rails routes implementation https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/5ccdd0bb6d1262a670645ddf3a9e334be4545dac/railties/lib/rails/tasks/routes.rake ――It seems good to pack all Route information in ʻinspector and format it with .format () . --It seems good to create your own Formatter by imitating the implementation of ConsoleFormatter`


Cut a suitable branch

--Since this information is output for personal understanding, cut an appropriate branch locally so as not to affect the production source.

Create task

$ bundle exec rails g task route_formatter csv


namespace :route_formatter do
  desc "get route as csv format"
  task csv: :environment do |t|
    class CSVFormatter
      def initialize
        @buffer= []
      def result
      def section_title(title)
      def section(routes)
        routes.each do |r|
          @buffer << [r[:name], r[:verb], r[:path], r[:reqs]].join(",")
      def header(routes)
        @buffer << %w"Prefix Verb URI_Pattern Controller#Action".join(",")
      def no_routes
        @buffer << ""
    require "action_dispatch/routing/inspector"
    all_routes = Rails.application.routes.routes
    inspector = ActionDispatch::Routing::RoutesInspector.new(all_routes)
    puts inspector.format(CSVFormatter.new, ENV['CONTROLLER'])



bin/rails route_formatter:csv

--If you want to put it on the Clipboard on Mac,

bin/rails route_formatter:csv | pbcopy

--The rest is processed by Excel or SpreadSheet

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