Generate Java client code for Salesforce SOAP API

When using Salesforce's SOAP API, generate client-side code from the wsdl file.

When one program communicates with multiple SalesForce instances using SOAP API, client-side code is generated for each instance. At that time, it is an introduction of the method to prevent the package name from being duplicated.

Advance preparation

Basically, it is good to refer to Web Service Connector (WSC). The method has been improved little by little, so check here for the latest method.

How to generate

  1. Create force-wsc-x.y.z-uber.jar
  2. Download wsdl
  3. Code generation

1. Create force-wsc-x.y.z-uber.jar

First, build the jar to generate the code from wsdl from the source of wsc.

git clone
mvn clean package -Dgpg.skip -DskipTests

If gpg authentication or testing fails, pass the parameters to skip as above. If the build is successful, a jar called force-wsc-x.y.z-uber.jar will be generated under target.

2. Download wsdl

Log in to your SalesForce instance and go to the Settings> Development> API screen. There is a download link for the wsdl. There are various types, but for normal data exchange, Enterprise WSDL will not be a problem.

スクリーンショット 2017-03-20 11.43.38.png

3. Code generation

main in I am generating code with a method. See here for what's in the system properties for tweaking.

To prefix the package:

java -Dpackage-prefix=XXX -jar target/force-wsc-x.y.z-uber.jar enterprise.wsdl enterprise-XXX.jar

The package structure is com.sforce.soap.enterprise.XXX. After that, if you refer to each generated jar as a separate library, you can handle client-side code of multiple instances.

Reference site

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