Rewrite Routes in Rails Engine


Rails Engine is used when you want to provide the functionality of the same application in multiple projects, right?

Is it device in the famous gem?

Although it is such a Rails Engine, there are times when you want to add unique functions in a higher-level application.

This time we will focus on Routes

Let's overwrite and add Rails Engine Routes in the upper application

Rails Routes Defines the routing of the application


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  resources :posts

Rails Engine looks like this


MyEngine::Engine.routes.draw do
  resources :users

draw Let's see what this draw method is doing


def draw(&block)
  clear! unless @disable_clear_and_finalize
  finalize! unless @disable_clear_and_finalize

Something is cleared !, block is expanded, and finalize!

clear! See what clear! is doing


def clear!
  @finalized = false
  @prepend.each { |blk| eval_block(blk) }

Somehow you are expanding @prepend

Where is @prepend set?


def prepend(&block)
  @prepend << block

You can see that the block of the method is expanded by prepend

This means that the routes defined in prepend will be plugged in front of the one defined in the application's draw.

Rails routes are matched from top to bottom, allowing you to override predefined routes.

finalize! Let's see what finalize! Is doing


def finalize!
  return if @finalized
  @append.each { |blk| eval_block(blk) }
  @finalized = true

You are expanding @append

Where is @append set?


def append(&block)
  @append << block

You can see that the block of the method called append is expanded

This means that the routes defined in append will be plugged in after being defined in the application's draw.

So you can simply add Routes, but the routing defined in your application will take precedence.

Override Rails Engine Routes

Let's overwrite the Engine routes

Such a routing is defined and I want to overwrite the nested routing!


MyEngine::Engine.routes.draw do
  resources :users

Since it is an overwrite, it is defined using prepend

The use case where you want to nest like this is when you want to use the engine namespace.


MyEngine::Engine.routes.prepend do
  resources :users do
    resources: posts

If you want to add it, define it using append


MyEngine::Engine.routes.append do
  resources: posts


This time, I wrote how to overwrite and add Routes of Rilas Engine while looking at the Rails code.

Of course, you can do the same with higher-level apps

You can also use prepend, append to split the bloated routes file.

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