[JAVA] Add scripts to distributions created with gradle

https://www.mkyong.com/gradle/gradle-multiple-start-script-examples/ http://gradle.monochromeroad.com/docs/userguide/application_plugin.html (45.4)

For reference above


task createExtScript(type: CreateStartScripts) {
    mainClassName = "Main"
    classpath = startScripts.classpath
    classpath += files('/tmp/hoge')
    outputDir = startScripts.outputDir
    applicationName = 'extra_shell'
    defaultJvmOpts = ["-Xms1024m", "-Xmx2048m"]

applicationDistribution.into("bin") {
    duplicatesStrategy= DuplicatesStrategy.EXCLUDE
    fileMode = 0755

The following properties can be set for the task

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