Story of test automation using Appium [Android / java]

WithOne AdventCalendar This is the article on the 15th day.

Today's theme is about test automation with appium.

1. What is appium?

It is an open source test framework that extends selenium for mobile, and the supported OS is Android, ios, Firefox OS. There are many types of tools for test automation, but these are the two features of appium.

  1. Can't touch the app to be tested (⇒ Can be tested with the app to be released)
  2. Supports many languages (java, Ruby, Python, C #, Objective-C, JavaScript, php)

2. Environment construction

2.1 Preparation

・ Write a test case

2.2 Installation

Install the following 3 -Java JDK ( ・ Android studio ( ・ Aappium (

3. Procedure

3.1 Implementation

In test automation, we will write the operation parts (clicking a button, closing a window, scrolling, etc.).

Image 1.png

The above are just a few of the most commonly used. In addition, it is also possible to automatically acquire evidence while operating automatically with a single click, such as outputting the output of expected value and result value to text. With this, the evidence is easy to understand, and design collapses and bugs can be easily found.

3.2 Test execution

  1. Enable adb for the real or virtual device you want to test

  2. Start appium, write the terminal details before pressing Droid, and press the play button. Appium.png

  3. Stream the source from android studio

… After this, it will move automatically without any clicks! !!

4. In the end

By automating the test, it is possible to shorten the test period (time), reduce the test man-hours, and prevent human error. After all, it's quite interesting to see the screen of the smartphone moving automatically without doing anything. If you have a chance, please try it! !!

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